As a Polish interpreter I am bringing the best possible value to my clients who are looking to expand their operations in Poland and the Netherlands or elsewhere. As a Polish interpreter I facilitate communication between Dutch and English speaking and Polish speaking clients. I am adding value to my clients negotiations, cases and pitches by professionalism and effective communication in Polish and English. Thanks to my expertise my clients are understood in Polish and English the way they want to be understood.

What is simultaneous interpreting?

When you’re interpreting simultaneously, you’re listening to the speaker, processing the meaning of what he says, converting it to another language, and speaking the translation while listening to the next thing the speaker says, and all of this in a continuous cycle.

It means that you’re doing so many things at the same time – constantly listening, translating, speaking, and making split-second decisions about language, sentence structure, meaning and more – that your brain is working at the very highest level of concentration, and you are using all of your physical and mental faculties to make the process work.

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